Premier Championship Scoring

Take control of your leaderboards

Import Directly from iRacing / USA Cycling

Victorem integrates directly with iRacing’s Data APIs without needing an account. You can pull results directly from any Official, Hosted or League event. Select from any subsession including Practice, Qualifying, Race and Heat sessions.

Simple, Powerful Leaderboards

Quickly create leaderboards that calculate totals for multiple categories, aggregate penalties and bonuses, incorporate drops, and allow for Team based scoring. Leaderboards & Results can be shared publicly for quickly updating members post-race.

All you need, out of the box

Built for Teams

Create a team and invite your league administrators to help manage results. Every team benefits from the subscription of its owner.

Bring your own data

Import data from CSV directly into Victorem, or use one of the out of the box integrations.

Go public

Publish results and leaderboards with vanity URLs for easy sharing. Customize to your branding.

Custom Points Schedules

Use pre-calculated or customized points schedules that apply quickly to leaderboards.

Javascript Hooks

Customize event processing by incorporating custom roster data via javascript hooks.

Make Adjustments

Need to apply a penalty? A bonus? Quickly attach adjustments for any participant in any result, or autoamte them via Javascript Pipelines.

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