The goal of Victorem is to help you navigate the complexities of scoring a Championship. Many of the features are designed to help you automate the workflow for keeping standings up-to-date. If there is a feature you feel is missing, please reach out on the official discord

Premier Championship Scoring

Take control of your championships with result imports, manual editing, bonus points, penalty points, custom categorization and more. Leadboards generated for you with pre-defined or custom points schedules and any number of dropped events.

  • Direct Integrations

    Import directly from any iRacing session, USA Cycling, CSV and more (upon request)

  • Custom Points Tables

    Create custom points tables and assign to each season to generate leaderboards.

  • Automatic / Manual Adjustments

    Automatically or manually assign bonus or penalty points based on data.

Bring Your Own Custom Logic

Imported data doesn’t always tell the full story. Fill in the gaps with custom pipeline hooks, providing the processors with important participant data like team, category, and more. Define each season’s roster with any attributes you’d like. Use that data to inform the import process.

  • Meta Data Hook

    Modify how each participant is represented as they are imported. Use your own custom roster data to inform the import process.

  • Adjustments Hook

    Automatically assign bonus or penalty points based on results data as it is being processed.

Custom Public URLs

Publish event results and leaderboards to custom URLs meant for sharing with your participants. 

  • Custom URLs

    You choose the naming of the URL based on your Team name and any custom name you want to give the result or leaderboard.

  • Show Off The Data

    Leaderboards show per-participant points for each result as well as drop information.